Thursday, December 22, 2011

What we are running after..???

Feelings can't be seen...they can be just felt....then what we all are running for?? :-\
This is the only question which clicks my mind every time i hear she likes him or he likes her... some says the beauty lies inside...then why we all run after the most sweet... nah!! the sexiest person......
                                ARE WE ALL LIVING FOR MATING???
 Well, here all the feelings comes to a stop...we search for our desires rather then our requirements and needs...our need is to have a person who can understand us well at very point we start speaking...but while falling for someone we die for the looks he/she possess... the fantasies have no end...they start the very time we enter the age of puberty...and grows up with us...most of us will say no to the question above...but deep inside there is a voice which will speak out loud "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TELLING A LIE?" hahaha :D and then also most of us will try to suppress it...yeah!! that ego on our head would not allow us to accept it...

we humans are really crazy and the biggest jerks.....we try to lie not only to the damn world but to ourselves.....there is no way out to give up this habit of ours as OLD HABITS DIE HARD...

there are wild dreams in everyone's head but yeah the intensity of wildness vary from person to person... this wildness and weirdness should not be confused only with the question asked above....hehehe i know most of you would have recalled the wildest dream you saw......or the wildest thought that ever happened to you... but the teenage dream can be any weird thought which stands next to a person lazy and not so interested in studies wondering if i can be the next BILL GATES... :D :D :D ohhh feels like i'm on cloud nine....yaaayyyeee.!!!!!!!!!! what a feeling man.!!!!!

okie okie i know i have shifted from the topic we were on......

well, the beauty lies inside or on face is still beyond my reach coz i never felt like i had fell in the dark abyss of love...never felt it for any guy...!!!

but yes...!!! the crushes... or in mah language as i call it "SACHA PYAAR" haha they are just matter of a week or two... ;)

the biggest problem of our generation is not the pimples....haha its our sacha pyar..which happen again  and again and everytime with a new face...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

tHe ColOrS of DeAtH


Death as explained is a necessary end. According to me is the most precious part of human life. The other people realize  the value of the dead, the very day he closes his eyes. I'm writing this piece of work as I experienced the thrill and horror of loosing the lives of nearest and dearest. till the time we are alive, we may be in bond with each other, we may get separate, stop seeing each other's face but as the one close his eyes permanently, the other weeps remembering the good deeds of the dead but its all over. We miss and cry for the one who was dear. Life either never gave a chance to express how much we loved him or we never made an effort to tell him how much affection and warmth we had and felt towards him.

As the man goes, we are left behind with his memories, happy and sad times we shared with him. We miss each part of life we shared with him. WE want him to listen to us -"how much we loved him, how much we cared and we still care."

The person who is abused throughout his life is also praised on his deathbed. People shed tears for him  who was dear to them but they could not express it to him because they were busy arguing, quarreling throughout the journey they had together.

People believe life makes its  way to doom or heaven but I strongly that if there is doom or paradise, it is here on this planet itself.

If we can make every single person around us happy, we receive heaven here and if we fail in even making efforts we face life equivalent to doom on earth.

There is no way out of this necessary end. And I call it necessary as it will make everyone realize how important the person was, and persons are to them.
Make life an experience worth living so that you receive the wonders of paradise here on the only planet sustaining life and when then almighty blows out the candle of life, the people standing there  near your body make silent prayers asking god to send you to "heaven" and to rest your soul in peace. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weeping Nature

This composition depicts the mood of nature i.e. rain :)
When it rains, everything around is so beautiful and clean. Everything is washed and appears new. The people around are in haste but they too appear fresh and full of energy. 

Here is the composition, hope you'll enjoy reading it :))


Everything around is washed so clean,
As I'm seeing it through a crystal.
The vegetation around is purely green,
The earth is pure to its mantel.

The breeze blowing is so clean and fresh,
Everything around is bright as dazzling.
The feeling of rain has purified my flesh,
It feels as new life is born hazing.

The children brimming out of their house,
They look so vigil and vibrant.
Along roads play little squirrel and mouse,
The water has logged breaking house of ants.

Drops of water fall from the trees,
Like the drops of dew from the leaves.
Flowers have been conquered by bees,
They have set to work leaving their hives.

The scenes around are so beautiful,
As if everything has turned new.
The people walking are so graceful,
The smell of rain feels like brew.

Everything around is washed so clean,
As if I'm seeing it through a crystal.
The vegetation around is purely green,
The earth is pure to its mantel.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the movement of unity

Unity Was Always There ~ Undiscovered

This post has become a success not only with thought prevailing in my mind but due to a combined efforts of my friends who allowed me to upload the pictures from their albums and a heartily thanks to Google images  which helped me search the rest of pictures to make the post in form it is now.

It was only this massive movement against corruption which made me wonder about the unity within our countrymen. It was really a lifetime experience to see the people brimming out of their homes to Ramlila Ground to support Mr. Anna Hazare. The fight against the corruption saw a ignition among the people which even forced the government of India to think twice before taking any decision. India was although famous for the unity which country saw in 1947 war of freedom, but we could hardly smell it now and actually none of us knew that we are united by mind and soul. people wore Gandhi topi's (cap) in large numbers that even their stock ended, the three sparkling colors of our national flags decorated the environment. and thanks to the social networking sites like and which had thousands of pages and groups and status of people supporting anna and the movement. JAN LOKPAL BILL was finally a turning point i must say. Government was also forced to kneel down. In fact man behind the whole concept  was taken a back when he saw the people standing beside him.

Here are the images supporting the blog...

outside tihar jail

boy dressed like mangal pande

candle march
cheered holding the flag

banners and posters 

anna on anashana


social networking sites a big help in making movement a success

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

mausam ki nazakat

Distances can keep us far. But deep inside our heart we know we are one. The song of rain can be felt and heard clear, the first rain of drop fills my mind with your memories.
Life is playing hide and seek, but we will be together always :) <3



Mausam aaj fir ek baar bula rha hai,
Teri yaadein tadpa rhi hai mujhe.
Baarish ki boondein kuch gaa rhi hai,
Yeh hawayein chhuti ja ri hai mujhe.

Teri yaaadein aankhein bhigo rhi hai,
Baarish ki boondein daaman bhigo rhi hai.
Aaj fir laga tu hai yahin kahin,
Main dhunti fir rhi hun tujhe.                                                  

Tere bina har pal soona hai,
Tera mera naata koi purana hai.
Dil dooba hua hai tere pyaar mein,
Aankhein hai bhichi tere intezaar mein.

Mazhab kabhi deewaar nhi bana,
Hamari saanson ka kissa chalta rha.
Dooriyan lagti hai ho gyi khatam,
Shikayatein kahin ho gyi dafan.

Baraish ki boondein keh rahi hai kuch,
Thoda maine suna ab tu bi le sun.
Gaati hai yeh mehki fizaayein kuch,
inki khushboo ko saanson me le tu bun.

Yaadein gehri hai is dil mein,
Mere siwa ni pata kisi ko.
Log to sochte hai kuch na kuch,
Sach kya hai pata hai kis ko?
Tera mera yeh rishta atoot tha,
Saare jahan me ek mera tu tha.
Chahe jo koi mujhe bulata rha,
Par teri awaaz lagti thi woh mujhe.

Teri aahatein sun jaagi hun main,
Jab lagta tha darr tujhe yaad kar soti thi main.
Rishtein to bahut the meri duniya mein,
par jo nibhaya woh hamara tha.

Har pal mein mehsoos kia hai tujhe,
Har pal kareeb paya hai tujhe.
Tera intezaar kar karke maine,
Pal pal apne bitaya hai maine.
Mausam aaj fir ek baar bula raha hai,
Teri yaadein tadpa rahi hai mujhe.
Baarish ki boondein kuch gaa rahi hai,
yeh hawayein chhuti hui jaa rhi mujhe.

Hope u liked it... :)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DiarY eNtrY

16th February 2011

Dear diary,

Yesterday , I took the major decision, which should be taken earlier. After all the argument with my so called friend who was seriously a jerk, I was floating in river of emotions. But finally I am out of it and I am happy with this decision. The two months in DU were just fantastic, it never occurred to me that I’ll meet people who will care for me, and I know they still do, and I love them all and miss them all a lot at times.

As and when I got admission in I.P. University, I was on cloud9 as I finally had what I always dreamt of. On the eve of counseling I still remember, which according to me is the best day yet in my life, I was the happiest person on face of this earth.

Then the first day in HMRITM,  a huge group n the feeling of conquering the world. As the days passed the group shrank and with that shrank my world. On and on I met other people too, who were an awesome company. N I really liked few out of them. Then once gain as life moved on I faced ups and down every time I travelled on this graveled path. The people in face of friends were more dangerous than the strangers and that started hurting me. Till the time I was in school never gave damn to these things, and it was strange to realize that why I suddenly started caring for just everyone who do not even mean to me.
But then again something happened which brought me back to my senses, the real me woke up, and again I decided to care only for those who care for me and let the things go their way. I took this decision before but something forced me to step back, but this time I won’t listen to anyone not even my conscience. The voice deep inside me kept on asking to leave few fools back in life but my heart always melted in their names.
Now I’ll behave mature and value the people my way. I just find the gloom of days drifting away. People may say this time that I have changed, I won’t mind but ask them to accept me the way I am or just leave my hand, I do not need any support to walk. It may appear to them that something is wrong with me, but it’s not like that, there is something wrong with their sight.

With a new feeling and hope,


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tHe cArEfReE LoOkS...


This work of art is dyed-in-the-wool to the thousands of children living on the outskirts of the city. They find their livelihood and spend their life searching the rubbish. They sometimes find money or the small things of utility. They carry bag of misfortunes on their shoulders but they never complain. They roam free here and there. They may not  be considered a part of our civilized and sophisticated  society or may be considered stigma on it but still   they are vital part . their life starts in garbage and  it ends there itself.
This is a “SILENT TRIBUTE” to all of them…

He walks carefully in fun,
He carry bag on his shoulder.
He walks under the warm sun,
In his hand is broken bulb holder.

He creeps into place stealthily,
He moves with silent steps around.
And comes out smiling happily,
 He found gold coin on ground.

Everybody thinks that he should study,
But he doesn’t want to lose his mirth.
He is happy with broken neck teddy,
To roam and enjoy is his right since birth.

As the dawn turns to dusk,
He walks towards his home.
The bed may be of husk,
In the dark and dim catacomb.

He don’t care whether it’s warm or cold,
He doesn’t care if it’s sunny or rainy.
He keeps on searching garbage for gold,
And smile even on finding a penny.

Call this misfortune of this child,
He is happy with his messy hair.
Some think that he is clever and wild,
He doesn't care why his feet are bare.

I hope you all liked it...