Sunday, November 21, 2010

you're always near

well this one is dedicated to all the people who never thought life would ever betray them ...
who have lost someone very close someone really near and dear...


yesterday when i slept at night,
in my dreams i saw you.
i closed my eyes harder and harder,
so i do not miss that glimpse of you.

life is giving me all the joys,
but there is no one to share them.
i hear your voice and turn back,
but i find no one around then.

time kept on running at it's pace,
i forgot all the sorrows in life's race.
but you are still fresh in my mind,
and never fade how hard i try.

i sit and think about the time we spent,
tear roll down my eyes and eyes gleam.
a broad smile also accompanies,
with your thoughts in my mind.

time is powerful and can heal all wounds,
but can time take you away from me.
what i feel and my heart say is,
god can not even separate us both.

we are shadow of each other,
always near can never stay away.
in my hard times you the one,
who walks with me holding my hand.

i know you are there to pray for me,
asking god to bless me with joy.
you are one who is always near,
and that is the only reason i do not fear.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010



As soon as the dusk falls,
Creatures of night start to crawl.
Wind blow at a great speed.
And the last meal of the day feed.

Lights go low and dimmer,
Sound of chirping go simmer.
Dry leave fly with the wind,
Like a spell from enchanter’s mind.

Lady in hood comes out,
She’s old in age but stout.
She looks here and there,
And vanishes like a nightmare.

The lady is never seen in day light,
People call her “the ghost of the night”.
Her black shawl hangs from the branch of tree,
So many think she’s the spirit set free.

As the dusk fall people lock their homes,
They are scared of the witch and catacombs.
No one dares to peep out of house,
All keep inside like a mouse.

The lady walks through the streets,
Stops to dine somewhere but then retreats.
As the first sun ray comes in town,
It leaves behind all the black and brown.

People wake up and rejoice once again,
They set to works with no loss and gains.
Starts a new day with all might,
And forget about the “ghost of night”.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

college life... sweet memories

well i was in no mood to write a poem on college life....
          as i don't have much experience but a friend demanded me to do that... so here is a poem after a long time...for the people who just entered college life...for the one who are experiencing and enjoin the different phase of it....and also for the one who have passed out.....

                                 this one is also dedicated to all ma school friends.....


the fact that i'm alive,
appear to me like myth.
something chokes me badly,
i can't breathe and survive.

holding hands we walked,
now we carry heavy books.
even in our sweet teenage we,
don't bother about our looks.

as the school finished,
life turned out this way.
nothing is personal anymore,
professionalism in what we wore.

we forgot our favorite dance moves,                                                  
only chemical equations to groove.
what we do what we did,
all we care is what we will.

parents took back seat,
friends comes first.
now who the hell,
cares about hunger and thirst.

when bunking classes,
turned into backs.
canteen shuts the door,
and the director hacks.

how to forget that fresh face,
who adds to the canteen its grace.
when the words fail and heart breaks,
your friends asked you for kitkat break.

all that glory and charm,
when the bottle of beer does no harm.
girlfriend ask you not to drink,
writing her name in blue ink.

soon these voices will fade,
but the memories will upgrade.
you will surely bust into tears,
when these voices fall in your ears.

all the freak and funk,
the whole day mass bunk.
these will be remembered always,
we will always miss these days.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well friends this time this is not my own creation but words which came in mind of my sweet friend.
the name will be kept as a secret not because i dnt wanna lime light to fall on her but because she wants it to be....

this poem is close to her and me too...
and now i hope it will be close to you too...


the way i think abt u now,,

the fact dat we were strangers is a 'wow' !!

the one fresh greet of urs,,

seems to heal all my cures !!                                                   

yet i dont want to b mistaken as getting SERIOUS,,

but our relation is unfolding n m just curious !!

ur magical voice,our endless talks ,,

the single hole in my lyf is our hand in hand walks !!

the way u xplain things,,

make me fly wid angelic wings !!

the laughter in wich our day swirls,,

even now tears seem to be lyk pearls !!

yet i dont want to b mistaken as getting SERIOUS,,

but our relation is unfolding n m just curious !!

my heart shrinks wen u r sad,,

on giving back a smile on ur face,i feel glad !!

u make me laugh, u make me cry,,

i wil do everything possible for d last try !!

to my last breath,i promise t take ur care,,

its a promise ur sad moments,i will share !!

yet i dont want to b mistaken as getting SERIOUS,,

but our relation is unfolding n m just curious !!

the day u stop thinking abt me,,

i wud move back n frm my side u will b free. !!

just one request i have to u,,

dnt betray my trust,just beforehand give me a clue !!

i dnt want to loose d best moments we share,,

after leaving me,atleast this much u can spare !!

yet i dnt want to b mistaken as gettin SERIOUS,,

but our relation is unfolding n m just curious !!

i dont kno d future of dis bond,,

i wud pray to god to always pray us wid his magical band !!

u hv become a crucial part of me.,,

the fact we WERE strangers frrm my mind has completely flee !!

m happy at d state m presently at,,

a smile came imagining 'my head on ur shoulders while we sat' !!

yet i dnt want to b mistaken as gettin SERIOUS,,

but our relation is unfolding n m just curious !!

to decide who wins in d battle of my heart and mind,i toss a feather..

shockingly it keeps on flying,indicating this tym both r working together !!
i hope you enjoid reading it...

Friday, September 3, 2010


In everydays hectic life we forget the things which comes and go. We keep worrying about something and forget the other. this composition came to my mind while sitting idly and thinking about what in life is missing...
infact the more perfect idea is to say what i am missing in the name of work load, peer pressure...

i request you all to either read the full composition or leave it unread...
but donot start and leave in between...
and one more request...
forget everything for the minute and make it a moment of interospection...
so just not read it feel it...


zindagi ke pal ginte-ginte,
har pal mein basi zindagi bhul gyi.
charo aur se aate ghum dekh kar,
dus hai dishayen bhul gyi.

dusro ke paas kya hai dekh,
apni thaal ke ladoo bhul gyi.
nayi subhah ka intezaar karte karte,
din mein ghante hai chaubees bhul gyi.

zindagi ke pal ginte-ginte,
hal pal mein basi zindagi bhul gyi.

khushiyon ko dhunte dhunte,
muskurana bhul gyi.
doston ke mauj masti pyaar mein,
maa baap ka dulaar bhul gyi.

zindagi ke pal ginte-ginte,
har pal mein basi zindagi bhul gyi.

zindagi ki kathnaiyan jhelte jhelte,
zindagi ki di khushiyan bhul gyi.
maut ke khauf se darte darte,
jeewan jeena hi bhul gyi.

zindagi ke pal ginte-ginte,
har pal mein basi zindagi bhul gyi.

duniya kya sochegi sochte sochte,
mauj masti karna bhul gyi.
bhavishya ki chinta kar karke,
vartmaan mein jeena bhul gyi.

zindagi ke pal ginte-ginte,
har pal mein basi zindagi bhul gyi.

log kahenge awaara sochke,
ghumna firna bhul gyi.
aise utho, aise baitho sun ke,
apna andaaz bhul gyi.

zindagi ke pal ginte-ginte,
har pal mein basi zindagi bhul gyi.

bhaag daur ki duniya mein,
khaane ka swwad bhul gyi.
kaagaz pe kalam ghiste ghiste,
haaton ke zakham bhul gyi.

zindagi ke pal ginte-ginte,
har pal mein basi zindagi bhul gyi.

i hope u enjoyed reading it...

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This composition came to my mind while returning from college one day when i saw poor students of government school boarding the bus. And the conductor shewed them away like they were birds, but allowed few a ride who were ready to pay for it.
The very first thing that i did was thanked god for the living standard i have. Next, i talked to a few of them and it was damn interesting to note the expression of happiness on their face and smile that broaden up while talking about books, school but they were disappointed with their teachers.
And that day was an eye opener that there are people living in slums who are living not only to earn bread but want to live a life of peace, honour and respect.
                                                     "HATS OFF TO THEM ALL"


they leave their small house,
so early in the morning.
walk along the road without, 
caring for vehicles honking.
sometimes they enjoy a ride in bus,
but sometimes tired and fuzz.
their dry tongue licks the bunch of book,
they don't care what in lunch is cooked.
the little kids brimming,
with energy and vitality.
they are full of,
enthusiasm and agility.
they don't care what goes round,
but people say they smell fowl.
but it never strikes to anyone,
they are also young ones.
its not about they are poor,
its all about that we don't care.
these little ones are spark,
but over them people growl and bark.
future of the country can't be they,
this is we all think and say.
children moves hand in hand,
they don't know where caste and creed stand.
without them development can't take place,
although you decorate everything with lace.
life can be seen on smiling face,
they are also a part of life's race.
when they go back in their homes,
which are similar to the catacombs.
some look once again through books,
some hang their bags on hooks.
some go out doing pity jobs,
some just search for the cobs.
but the live goes on and on,
its whether you lose or won.
those faces follow me day and night,
their smiles are always on my mind.
hope that something can be done,
which makes us united and one.

Hope you enjoyed reading it...

Monday, June 28, 2010

another day on the face of the earth!!!


As the days are turning into nights,
Fears are moving out of sight.
As we welcome a new day,
We discover something bright and gay.
Put your worries out of mind,
Welcome the day with cheering smile.
Forget the things of past,
But do not forget to live the life.
Lessons from past make us,
What we are today.
So learn from past mistakes,
Instead of regretting what happened.
What has happened has happened,
Nothing can be changed today.
Crying over spilt milk is action of fools,
So just remain calm and cool.
Do not waste your life in past,
Just work to make your life vast.
Life hugs you with open arms,
But please do not lose the charm.
Life is game with ups and downs,
You move on without caring for the foul.
Life is moving, Take your chance,
So there are no regrets and no demands.