Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tHe cArEfReE LoOkS...


This work of art is dyed-in-the-wool to the thousands of children living on the outskirts of the city. They find their livelihood and spend their life searching the rubbish. They sometimes find money or the small things of utility. They carry bag of misfortunes on their shoulders but they never complain. They roam free here and there. They may not  be considered a part of our civilized and sophisticated  society or may be considered stigma on it but still   they are vital part . their life starts in garbage and  it ends there itself.
This is a “SILENT TRIBUTE” to all of them…

He walks carefully in fun,
He carry bag on his shoulder.
He walks under the warm sun,
In his hand is broken bulb holder.

He creeps into place stealthily,
He moves with silent steps around.
And comes out smiling happily,
 He found gold coin on ground.

Everybody thinks that he should study,
But he doesn’t want to lose his mirth.
He is happy with broken neck teddy,
To roam and enjoy is his right since birth.

As the dawn turns to dusk,
He walks towards his home.
The bed may be of husk,
In the dark and dim catacomb.

He don’t care whether it’s warm or cold,
He doesn’t care if it’s sunny or rainy.
He keeps on searching garbage for gold,
And smile even on finding a penny.

Call this misfortune of this child,
He is happy with his messy hair.
Some think that he is clever and wild,
He doesn't care why his feet are bare.

I hope you all liked it...

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