Sunday, November 21, 2010

you're always near

well this one is dedicated to all the people who never thought life would ever betray them ...
who have lost someone very close someone really near and dear...


yesterday when i slept at night,
in my dreams i saw you.
i closed my eyes harder and harder,
so i do not miss that glimpse of you.

life is giving me all the joys,
but there is no one to share them.
i hear your voice and turn back,
but i find no one around then.

time kept on running at it's pace,
i forgot all the sorrows in life's race.
but you are still fresh in my mind,
and never fade how hard i try.

i sit and think about the time we spent,
tear roll down my eyes and eyes gleam.
a broad smile also accompanies,
with your thoughts in my mind.

time is powerful and can heal all wounds,
but can time take you away from me.
what i feel and my heart say is,
god can not even separate us both.

we are shadow of each other,
always near can never stay away.
in my hard times you the one,
who walks with me holding my hand.

i know you are there to pray for me,
asking god to bless me with joy.
you are one who is always near,
and that is the only reason i do not fear.