Sunday, August 28, 2011

the movement of unity

Unity Was Always There ~ Undiscovered

This post has become a success not only with thought prevailing in my mind but due to a combined efforts of my friends who allowed me to upload the pictures from their albums and a heartily thanks to Google images  which helped me search the rest of pictures to make the post in form it is now.

It was only this massive movement against corruption which made me wonder about the unity within our countrymen. It was really a lifetime experience to see the people brimming out of their homes to Ramlila Ground to support Mr. Anna Hazare. The fight against the corruption saw a ignition among the people which even forced the government of India to think twice before taking any decision. India was although famous for the unity which country saw in 1947 war of freedom, but we could hardly smell it now and actually none of us knew that we are united by mind and soul. people wore Gandhi topi's (cap) in large numbers that even their stock ended, the three sparkling colors of our national flags decorated the environment. and thanks to the social networking sites like and which had thousands of pages and groups and status of people supporting anna and the movement. JAN LOKPAL BILL was finally a turning point i must say. Government was also forced to kneel down. In fact man behind the whole concept  was taken a back when he saw the people standing beside him.

Here are the images supporting the blog...

outside tihar jail

boy dressed like mangal pande

candle march
cheered holding the flag

banners and posters 

anna on anashana


social networking sites a big help in making movement a success

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