Sunday, August 1, 2010


This composition came to my mind while returning from college one day when i saw poor students of government school boarding the bus. And the conductor shewed them away like they were birds, but allowed few a ride who were ready to pay for it.
The very first thing that i did was thanked god for the living standard i have. Next, i talked to a few of them and it was damn interesting to note the expression of happiness on their face and smile that broaden up while talking about books, school but they were disappointed with their teachers.
And that day was an eye opener that there are people living in slums who are living not only to earn bread but want to live a life of peace, honour and respect.
                                                     "HATS OFF TO THEM ALL"


they leave their small house,
so early in the morning.
walk along the road without, 
caring for vehicles honking.
sometimes they enjoy a ride in bus,
but sometimes tired and fuzz.
their dry tongue licks the bunch of book,
they don't care what in lunch is cooked.
the little kids brimming,
with energy and vitality.
they are full of,
enthusiasm and agility.
they don't care what goes round,
but people say they smell fowl.
but it never strikes to anyone,
they are also young ones.
its not about they are poor,
its all about that we don't care.
these little ones are spark,
but over them people growl and bark.
future of the country can't be they,
this is we all think and say.
children moves hand in hand,
they don't know where caste and creed stand.
without them development can't take place,
although you decorate everything with lace.
life can be seen on smiling face,
they are also a part of life's race.
when they go back in their homes,
which are similar to the catacombs.
some look once again through books,
some hang their bags on hooks.
some go out doing pity jobs,
some just search for the cobs.
but the live goes on and on,
its whether you lose or won.
those faces follow me day and night,
their smiles are always on my mind.
hope that something can be done,
which makes us united and one.

Hope you enjoyed reading it...


  1. if u read it just leave a comment if u really liked it

  2. but plzz read it completely....
    and understand the feelings...
    may be sumwhere i may lose the scheme but enjoi the feelings hidden in it

  3. Well Sakshi it was really very nice. :]

    i liked it! you never told me you write poems! :]

  4. well aditya yaar kbhi chance hi nhi mila to tell this ek tu batuni ek number ka...
    then meri lo ki dukaan...
    then saari duniya ki baaton me tym nhi mila...

    bt hope u really enjoid it

  5. its d best among ol yet i gues.....