Monday, June 28, 2010

another day on the face of the earth!!!


As the days are turning into nights,
Fears are moving out of sight.
As we welcome a new day,
We discover something bright and gay.
Put your worries out of mind,
Welcome the day with cheering smile.
Forget the things of past,
But do not forget to live the life.
Lessons from past make us,
What we are today.
So learn from past mistakes,
Instead of regretting what happened.
What has happened has happened,
Nothing can be changed today.
Crying over spilt milk is action of fools,
So just remain calm and cool.
Do not waste your life in past,
Just work to make your life vast.
Life hugs you with open arms,
But please do not lose the charm.
Life is game with ups and downs,
You move on without caring for the foul.
Life is moving, Take your chance,
So there are no regrets and no demands.