Saturday, November 12, 2011

tHe ColOrS of DeAtH


Death as explained is a necessary end. According to me is the most precious part of human life. The other people realize  the value of the dead, the very day he closes his eyes. I'm writing this piece of work as I experienced the thrill and horror of loosing the lives of nearest and dearest. till the time we are alive, we may be in bond with each other, we may get separate, stop seeing each other's face but as the one close his eyes permanently, the other weeps remembering the good deeds of the dead but its all over. We miss and cry for the one who was dear. Life either never gave a chance to express how much we loved him or we never made an effort to tell him how much affection and warmth we had and felt towards him.

As the man goes, we are left behind with his memories, happy and sad times we shared with him. We miss each part of life we shared with him. WE want him to listen to us -"how much we loved him, how much we cared and we still care."

The person who is abused throughout his life is also praised on his deathbed. People shed tears for him  who was dear to them but they could not express it to him because they were busy arguing, quarreling throughout the journey they had together.

People believe life makes its  way to doom or heaven but I strongly that if there is doom or paradise, it is here on this planet itself.

If we can make every single person around us happy, we receive heaven here and if we fail in even making efforts we face life equivalent to doom on earth.

There is no way out of this necessary end. And I call it necessary as it will make everyone realize how important the person was, and persons are to them.
Make life an experience worth living so that you receive the wonders of paradise here on the only planet sustaining life and when then almighty blows out the candle of life, the people standing there  near your body make silent prayers asking god to send you to "heaven" and to rest your soul in peace. 

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