Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DiarY eNtrY

16th February 2011

Dear diary,

Yesterday , I took the major decision, which should be taken earlier. After all the argument with my so called friend who was seriously a jerk, I was floating in river of emotions. But finally I am out of it and I am happy with this decision. The two months in DU were just fantastic, it never occurred to me that I’ll meet people who will care for me, and I know they still do, and I love them all and miss them all a lot at times.

As and when I got admission in I.P. University, I was on cloud9 as I finally had what I always dreamt of. On the eve of counseling I still remember, which according to me is the best day yet in my life, I was the happiest person on face of this earth.

Then the first day in HMRITM,  a huge group n the feeling of conquering the world. As the days passed the group shrank and with that shrank my world. On and on I met other people too, who were an awesome company. N I really liked few out of them. Then once gain as life moved on I faced ups and down every time I travelled on this graveled path. The people in face of friends were more dangerous than the strangers and that started hurting me. Till the time I was in school never gave damn to these things, and it was strange to realize that why I suddenly started caring for just everyone who do not even mean to me.
But then again something happened which brought me back to my senses, the real me woke up, and again I decided to care only for those who care for me and let the things go their way. I took this decision before but something forced me to step back, but this time I won’t listen to anyone not even my conscience. The voice deep inside me kept on asking to leave few fools back in life but my heart always melted in their names.
Now I’ll behave mature and value the people my way. I just find the gloom of days drifting away. People may say this time that I have changed, I won’t mind but ask them to accept me the way I am or just leave my hand, I do not need any support to walk. It may appear to them that something is wrong with me, but it’s not like that, there is something wrong with their sight.

With a new feeling and hope,


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