Tuesday, October 12, 2010



As soon as the dusk falls,
Creatures of night start to crawl.
Wind blow at a great speed.
And the last meal of the day feed.

Lights go low and dimmer,
Sound of chirping go simmer.
Dry leave fly with the wind,
Like a spell from enchanter’s mind.

Lady in hood comes out,
She’s old in age but stout.
She looks here and there,
And vanishes like a nightmare.

The lady is never seen in day light,
People call her “the ghost of the night”.
Her black shawl hangs from the branch of tree,
So many think she’s the spirit set free.

As the dusk fall people lock their homes,
They are scared of the witch and catacombs.
No one dares to peep out of house,
All keep inside like a mouse.

The lady walks through the streets,
Stops to dine somewhere but then retreats.
As the first sun ray comes in town,
It leaves behind all the black and brown.

People wake up and rejoice once again,
They set to works with no loss and gains.
Starts a new day with all might,
And forget about the “ghost of night”.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

college life... sweet memories

well i was in no mood to write a poem on college life....
          as i don't have much experience but a friend demanded me to do that... so here is a poem after a long time...for the people who just entered college life...for the one who are experiencing and enjoin the different phase of it....and also for the one who have passed out.....

                                 this one is also dedicated to all ma school friends.....


the fact that i'm alive,
appear to me like myth.
something chokes me badly,
i can't breathe and survive.

holding hands we walked,
now we carry heavy books.
even in our sweet teenage we,
don't bother about our looks.

as the school finished,
life turned out this way.
nothing is personal anymore,
professionalism in what we wore.

we forgot our favorite dance moves,                                                  
only chemical equations to groove.
what we do what we did,
all we care is what we will.

parents took back seat,
friends comes first.
now who the hell,
cares about hunger and thirst.

when bunking classes,
turned into backs.
canteen shuts the door,
and the director hacks.

how to forget that fresh face,
who adds to the canteen its grace.
when the words fail and heart breaks,
your friends asked you for kitkat break.

all that glory and charm,
when the bottle of beer does no harm.
girlfriend ask you not to drink,
writing her name in blue ink.

soon these voices will fade,
but the memories will upgrade.
you will surely bust into tears,
when these voices fall in your ears.

all the freak and funk,
the whole day mass bunk.
these will be remembered always,
we will always miss these days.