Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Analysis on Relationships!!

“This post is not based on someone’s life. It is just a part of daily observation and a few personal experiences.”

Care and affection begins with the inception of a relationship. Relationship dealt with in this post does not just pass on to the love relationship but all the relations which exist between a girl and a boy on the face of this planet.
What it needs to build a strong relationship? Telling you the actual truth, it needs two people, understanding between a two, a lot of care and attention and most important of the ingredients is commitment. The level of commitment defines the quality and level of one’s relationship. Everyone can promise but only a few commit and execute what they say.

We often keep arguing with the person we love the most and end up messed up with ourselves. We hurt them but in turn we feel wounded. There is no limit of loving someone. Love is just like a circle which has no ends. A relationship does not depend on how similar are the two people. It needs understanding of the differences because you will never need to explain parallel points between two of you whereas a difference always needs an explanation.

We often end up asking ourselves are we with the right person. Well here I started analyzing this question in deep. This question almost drowned me into its depth when force of buoyancy in my mind brought me up on the surface of waters of my thoughts and finally an answer dawned upon me.

A relationship is not about finding the right person. It is all about the loving the person you’re with. We initially love all the habits of our counterpart. But as we grow older together we start finding the same habits as annoying. Their calling us all the time starts pestering us, their efforts even to make us smile seems futile and immature. We start forgetting that the person was our choice and we never ever think of adapting to their habits like a change. It’s not always that the other person has changed but sometimes we are saturated with their ways.

Now, how can we decide if we can afford to lose a person or not?
If you’re away for a day or two can you live without their calls? Check if you expect their call when happy or sad.
When person is away miss them or thank god for their absence? If answer to all the questions above is positive then NEVER LET THEY LEAVE YOU.

What if you realize that he/she was the right person when they left but are not gone?

Go after them; be after their life to pardon you for all your wrong deeds. Tell them you can’t breathe without them; keep asking them for apology until and unless you’re blessed with it (never ever give up). But leave them alone if they really become heartless towards you. Just leave with a satisfaction that you tried your best. (Do all this if and only if you really mean it)

A relationship is neither easy nor very hard to handle. Just keep your cool and have faith in the other person. Learn to count on him/her and make sure whatever you do, you never feel burdened. Take a leap with faith and belief.

Let your relation be a happily committed relationship.

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