Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the red letter "F"

The most fucking letter  in 26 alphabets, F is the letter which can shake your life, can bring turmoils in it...the letter which signifies failure...throughout my school life, I use to hate the letter F and the red colored F is the main concern we all face somewhere or other in our lives...but does this "F"really the deciding factor of another word "future" starting with it??? Arggghhhh.!!!! :@ the harsh reality: yes! it does because what people run after are the grades, but they do not understand what impact that "F" could have created in one's life.
Apart from academics, THIS LETTER can deteriorate one's personal life and relations. just one mistake and your life is finished... :-\ this can be made better if we try to fit into other's shoes and walk a little distance to see the reason behind the things and try our best to cut the crap...but we oftentimes do not  do that because we forget that life is not a two faced coin but it has three faces-one is your part, second is other's while the third one is REALITY...but we often forget about the third...the silent part of it...
Many of us because of facing the disgust have started living a life of someone else with a completely different persona.
Let this letter F be the turning point of your life. Let it not unilaterally decide your future.